Celebrating Eid with Axact

Eid card distributed among all Axactians this year

It’s a farewell to the Holy Month that we are celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr with full fervor and anticipation. We wish all Axactians, their families and every Muslim individual living in any part of the globe a blissful Eid.

It is indeed the auspicious occasion of Eid that promises to bring countless blessings, inner contentment and happiness, feelings of thankfulness and joy and many such special moments that we, as Muslims, long for after one whole month of observing fast. Irrespective of age and gender, every Muslim feels obliged to embrace this joyous occasion and spread the messages of love, peace and harmony with their friends and family.

Keeping up the tradition of adding colors to Axactians’ special events and giving them even more reasons to rejoice, Axact does its best to be a part of their celebration. They say that the preparations and celebrations of Eid remain incomplete when females do not wear mehndi on their hands; the dark color of Henna spread over their hands and its fragrance combine to be the essence of this occasion. Axact made sure to provide this facility within the Axact House. This year, apart from distributing Eid Cards among all Axactians, the female employees received complimentary Henna Slots at their very own lavish salon. They availed these Henna services two days prior to the holidays and that too according to their preferences.

Axactians glad to receive Henna services at Axact Salon

“It is the first time that I am celebrating Eid with Axact and it is truly an overwhelming experience for me to see how Axact makes sure that everything is perfectly set for its employees so that they can enjoy the occasion of Eid with their friends and co-workers. Thanks to the Axact’s salon therapist for putting these amazing Mehndi designs on my hands”, says Shairose Ukanji, a Brand Management Senior Executive Axactian.

Not only this, the Kitchen Management team makes special dishes as per the occasion and these meals are complimentary for all Axactians that include breakfast, lunch and dinner. We know how special Eid is for every Muslim; Axact merely tries to make it even more special and festive.

Amid all these celebrations, we hope that the message that the month of Ramadan taught us be our guiding light throughout this year and the years ahead. Certainly, as a nation what we need now is unity among all Pakistanis, determination and a will to be resolute about the values that we collectively uphold and stand against all evil powers. We hope that this Eid brings happiness, success and prosperity among Axact’s family and the individual families of all Axactians.

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  1. This company not only care about their worker. They also care for their family aswell…. This is really good thing.. Thanks to ALLAH PAK I am part of Axact’s Team….!!!!!!!
    Axact you Rock ;)

  2. my frd also working in axact ..and also apply for the post of 2d cad operator and 3dvisualizer …im stil waiting for cal me back by axact ………..

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